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4. Volunteering

Southwell Cricket Club is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who make up the committee and a number of supportive members who undertake various tasks around the Club through the year.

We welcome anyone who is associated with a player or an official, past or present or is just interested in getting involved with the game and our club for the first time.

It's not just about the cricket and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise, meet new people and have some fun by getting involved!

The club would not exist without it's volunteers and we are looking to build on the existing team. Experience has taught us not to ask too much of any individual but to try and spread the load - many hand make light work.

So, if you have a child involved with the club, or are a friend or relative of a player, or simply looking to volunteer in your local community, please contact us for a non-committal discussion to see if we can find something of mutual interest.

Please contact Richard Maloney (07979 881085) or Mike Fryer 07970 649091.